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The Differences between TENS and EMS

Posted on by Ukokeha

In the modern life, people are easily suffered from chronic pains in back, shoulders, head, depression, etc…These consequences negatively affect the health and well-beings of people. That is the reason why modern electric equipment is becoming popular all over the world. Among a great number of electric devices, TENS unit and EMS unit are considered to be two best recommendations. Although both of them are responsible for relieving pains, they have differences in many versions. Learning about each type of device brings you a comprehensive view about the models worth purchasing.

1.TENS unit

A TENS unit stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. The basic working principal of this device is that it uses gentle electricity to relieve chronic pains. The intensity of this device changes between 50uA and 1000uA.

An important question raised in our mind is what makes the portable tool become so effective? Wow, the answer is so simple. The great feature of TENS unit comes from the production in ATP, an essential element in relieving pain and pressure. Moreover, ATP helps improve the immunity system of people in an effective way. Through the reduction in toxins, it protects users from common health problems such as colds, flus, sporty injuries, etc…

The big difference between a TENS and EMS unit is the way each of them relieves pains. As their names, a TENS unit puts impact on nerves, whereas, the EMS unit efficiently treats tight muscles. Therefore, a TENS unit is better in reliving fresh injuries than EMS unit. A great benefit of using TENS device is its great ease of use. Coming with dual channel use, switching different settings becomes much easier than ever before.

Main issues that people have to deal with include labor pain, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and foot pain. In these cases, you will need the support of a TENS unit.

2.EMS unit

EMS is the abbreviation of Electrical muscle stimulation, which puts positive impact on our muscles. Its impulses change between 1 and 130.

The benefit of using an EMS unit is that it improves the smooth blood circulation, muscle growth, relaxation and healing function.

People who have problems in muscle atrophy, cosmetic muscle tuning, tight muscles, and local blood circulation could apply EMS unit in their treatment. Besides, this device is effectively used to serve rehabilitation purposes.

Overall, TENS unit is more effective than EMS unit in relieving pains. However, if you are looking for a better way to strengthen your muscles, an EMS unit is considered to be more powerful.

Although these devices have differences in functionality, they share some similarities in common. Most of health providers suggest that TENS unit and EMS unit are safe for our health. Both of them bring the incredible convenience for home use without any support of medicals. Users could use these smart tools with various times, depending on their specific requirements. Any application should get the consultation and advices from doctors.

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Stacey Cantrell 11/29/2016 08:37

Hi Ukokeha,
Thanks for sharing the differences between EMS and TENS device. As both devices act differently, this information really helps to choose the right device for pain relief.